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The Gateway Access Area – CMAR


The Gateway Trailhead Building

 Project Description:  Gateway Access Area is a recreational access point to the McDowell Sonoran Preserve and is the visible statement of mountain and desert preservation in Scottsdale.  The Gateway illustrates how innovative design, careful construction and a community committed to sustainability can create a major trailhead while still respecting the environment.  It encompasses a broad range of amenities including stabilized granite parking and trails, restrooms, shade ramadas, a view terrace, restrooms, ADA interpretive trails, an amphitheater and equestrian facilities.  It also contains the Preserve Office with storage space and other infrastructure improvements.  The facility is applying for a LEED Platinum designation resulting from its green construction methods.

Preservation of the fragile native desert assets was a key to the success of this project.  Protection methods included fencing, hand digging, hard soil removal and restricted travel.  Native plant preservation included salvaging and relocating all native trees/plants within the site’s footprint while minimal habitat impact occurred outside the limits.  The desert pavement placed in restored habitat areas included salvaged rock, plant litter collected from the site’s footprint and stored for restoration efforts and redistribution of vital organic matter and seeds.


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