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Skunk Creek & 27th Ave Landfill Erosion – Drainage Repairs Phoenix JOC


Downdrain After

Downdrain After

Project Description:

1. The 27th Ave Landfill Drainage and Erosion Repairs project included preconstruction services that helped the engineer (Stantec Engineering) to identify the needs of the owner by recognizing the underlying cause of the erosion areas on slopes which had resulted in silt build-up throughout the drainage channels.  Valley Rain was familiar with the site having completed a previous grading and erosion control project for the City a number of years earlier.  Our team assisted the Engineer in creating and defining the scope to bring value to the project to include the reuse of acceptable materials.   The construction project involved the repair and stabilization of erosion areas and the re-grading and surfacing of drainage channels at the closed 27th Avenue Landfill in Phoenix.  Our scope included the excavation and stripping of unsuitable soils and the subgrade preparation for the installation of gabion mattresses, gabion baskets, rip rap and hydro-seed throughout the landfill slopes, berms and drainage channels.  Valley Rain was also responsible to de-silt the rip rap channels, screen material for reuse, test and import engineered fill to be placed under the gabions and along the slopes to prevent future erosion in the concentrated trouble areas.  These completed erosion repairs were then scarified and hydro-seeded in order to provide permanent vegetative stabilization of the slope.  This earthwork was done while protecting the existing landfill liners and methane collection pipes which are throughout the project.  Existing drainage avenues were repaired and restored, eliminating flow concentrations that were the source of the problem.  During construction we further protected the environment by identifying and implementing comprehensive SWPPP measures in all areas that were going to be exposed to weakened controls due to construction activity.

2.   This project included the repair and stabilization of erosion areas and drainage channels at the closed Skunk Creek Landfill in Phoenix.  In preparation for a proposal, Valley Rain made a number of field investigation visits to clarify the scope, to reduce the impact on surrounding areas and, in turn, to reduce the amount of work that was needed to complete the repairs necessary to stabilize the site.  Our team offered many Value Engineering ideas including the processing of on site material resulting in cost savings to the owner generated from the reduction of trucking and labor and resulting in less impact to the environment.  The steep slopes of the landfill cape presented many challenges to our proposal; however, the end result met or exceeded the specification requirements.  Valley Rain was responsible for the excavation of the eroded areas and the sub grade preparation for the installation of new gabion mattresses, gabion baskets, rip rap and hydro-seeding throughout the landfill.  Our scope also included extensive grading changes as well as new AC millings on roads and the installation of several new earthen berms to channel the flow onsite to the gabion-lined rip rap channels.  Our scope of work also included the de-silting of all drainage channels for the entire site. This project also included culvert additions which were necessary to allow the new concentrated capacity of drainage flow.  This required the temporary removal of existing channels and rip rap to install a new headwall and culvert pipe.  Valley Rain’s work was completed on time, within budget and exceeded the expectations of the Owner and Engineer.


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