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“Paseo de Luces”


Valley Rain adjusted the paver bond lines to form continuous patterns.Valley Rain adjusted the paver bond lines to form continuous patterns.

This project is the definition of “placemaking.” Created to attract residents, visitors, businesses and patrons, it invites the public to come, relax and enjoy an environment rich in community and amenities. Paseo de Luces (or Path of Light) includes public art, 20′ wide pedestrian pathways with decorative pavement, bicycle lanes, monument signage, wayfinding, landscaping and social-style seating. The Central Plaza incorporates an iconic shade canopy with a soothing, programmable spray fountain beneath. As the name implies, the lighting is spectacular, including LED roadway and pedestrian lights, LED accent lighting, festoon lighting, palm and flag pole lighting, tree lighting and programmable colored lights at the fountain and canopy. Background music and complimentary WiFi add high-tech amenities to this update of an historic cooridor.

Prominent Public Art features are displayed throughout with seven statues that were inspired by the City’s historians and focus groups to reflect valued themes in the community. The City employed the talents of local teens, master artists and regional craftsmen to create these unique features that line the walkways and tell the story of Tolleson.

Making way for the enhanced pedestrian improvements required reconstruction of the arterial roadway, reducing the lanes from 5 to 3, including undergrounding of overhead power and the addition of new storm drains.

The City used the CMAR process to employ the Valley Rain Team for Preconstruction Design Services and final General Contracting. Valley Rain combined its expertise in placemaking hardscapes with creative designers at J2 Engineering and Environmental Design, resulting in an effective team that achieved this transformation of Downtown Tolleson.

The project is a showcase of Valley Rain’s ability to achieve a level of quality that far exceeds that of the typical roadway or park project. From the clean assemblies of the underground valve boxes to the perfect alignment of paver and concrete joints, Valley Rain’s workmanship shows in every level of detail. This level of quality puts the sense of place in placemaking.



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