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NAU Field Expansion – CMAR

The upper field offers panoramic views of San Fransisco Peaks.

The upper field offers panoramic views of San Fransisco Peaks.

This world class facility provides 6.1 acres of lighted, all-weather athletic fields for intramural use. The project is set in a hillside, forested area and includes NCAA throwing fields, restrooms, a large ramada, a maintenance building, ADA pathways, natural stone walls and landscaping. Large rock cuts required for grading were processed on-site to produce field base materials and required tree removal was used for campus kilns and for wood chips in the throwing field landing zones. The project is applying for LEED Gold certification.

The NAU Field Expansion Project has important similarities to Mather Point. It is located in Flagstaff, Arizona at relatively the same elevation which makes the site similar in climate and other environmental conditions. The site involved 20 foot cuts into limestone rock and included a near-vertical exposed bedrock face and the re-use of site limestone boulders as dry stacked retaining walls and seating amenities. Valley Rain used seismic refraction to plan the rock cut and used a D-9 dozer and trackhoe-mounted hydraulic hammers to make the cut.


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