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CAP Basin Park


Cap Basin Park

This project included 76 acre flood control basin, earthwork, reclaimed water irrigation, 10-sand based soccer fields, field drainage, parking, site concrete, restroom buildings, public art feature, playgrounds, post-tensioned basketball court, steel bridge, 40 acres of hybrid bermuda (by stolons) and sports lighting.

CAP Basin project used reclaimed water to irrigate over 70 acres of new turf.  Coordination was required with the existing golf course pump station to move reclaimed water into the project. CAP basin also included value engineering of the irrigation system.  Valley Rain redesigned this system with in-house staff to reduce costs and to increase the quality and coverage of the system.  Valley Rain achieved success in this endeavor by working closely with irrigation supervisors for the park.  With this kind of design and construction experience, the Town will be assured of an efficient and high-quality irrigation system that is easy to maintain and control.

Valley Rain participated in significant VE efforts saving substantial irrigation costs and allowing for the additional upgrading to sand-based turf fields.

The project was completed in June 2006.



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